Devils Lake State Park Wisconsin

Working in Wisconsin as an esthetician will require you to complete 450 hours of training before being able to sit in for the state exam. You are required to have a high school diploma or a GED; you may be required to pass an aptitude and a capability test as well, if you do not have proof of these items yet. No age requirements are in place, but the schooling requirements will force you to have at least a certain educational background before you are able to sit in for the exam and do your schooling. If you are from out of state, are fully licensed, and have completed a similar number of hours in training, reciprocity does apply. As long as you can show competence, and that you are fully up to date with licensing requirements and educational training, you can get a license in the state. Continuing education is required upon renewal of your license, which must be completed by March 31, of every odd numbered year.

If you want to purchase insurance, you will find there are various levels of coverage. If you own a business and operate a school, you are required to have a business policy in place, to protect from property damage or injury claims that take place on your premises. If you are not a business owner, you are not required to have personal Wisconsin esthetician insurance in place, in order to practice. But, without a policy, you are fault for every claim, and if found liable, will pay out of pocket for every claim. Plus, you run the risk of losing your license if certain malpractice claims are filed, and you are found to be at fault for the injuries a client sustained, or for the distress claims they have filed against you in practice.

Your personal insurance is a safeguard to protect your license, and to ensure you are not paying out of pocket for every single suit that is filed against you. Even the best, and individuals who have worked in the field for many years, are sued for malpractice. Having an insurance policy in place is the way to protect that license, to ensure you are not going to pay for each claim that is filed against you, and it is the only way to safeguard the work that you do, and time that you have put in to the career you love.