Vermont Requirements for Estheticians

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300 hours must be completed by those who wish to work as an esthetician in Vermont; you are also required to be 18 years of age, and either have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a GED. In order to renew your current license, it is something that you have to do every two years. It is not currently required that you do continuing education unless you are an instructor, and in this case you do have to complete continuing educational hours when you go in to renew your license.

In terms of reciprocity, it is allowed for those who are licensed, are in good standing, and have a current license out of state. It is also a requirement that you have completed the same number of hours, or more, when you are renewing your license in the state.

Insurance for Estheticians


If you are a business owner, it is not a requirement that you purchase professional liability coverage. But, like a personal Vermont esthetician insurance policy, it should be something that you do purchase. As a business owner, the right policy is going to protect you from slip and falls, and other similar accidents that may occur on your premises. You are going to be covered in the event a client is hurt while on your property, or if the esthetician working on them injures a client. As a professional individual, you are not required to purchase a policy either, but it is something that should be considered. It is going to protect you from such liability claims as malpractice, and other types of claims for work that you do during the course of your career. Many insurance policies also have a clause that allows you to buy protection to cover your license; this means even if you are found to be liable, you are not going to run the risk of losing your license and your livelihood when working in the field.

Although these types of policies are not required, they are the only way to truly protect your career and to protect yourself from losing your license. And, the right policy will also allow you to avoid harsh fines or penalties in the event you are ever sued. You can find an affordable coverage plan, protection, and varying levels of coverage, when you take the time to compare the many different insurers and policy options that are available to you as an esthetician.