Requirements for Estheticians in Tennessee

Tennessee esthetician insurance
Chattanooga Tennessee

To receive your license in the state, you are required to pass 750 hours of training; you are also required to be the age of 16 or older and have the equivalent of a tenth grade educational level. For those coming in from out of state, reciprocity is provided, if you show you are competent, you have completed proper educational training, and if you show proof that all your licenses are current and up to date in the state you were previously practicing in.

You are also required to renew your license every two years in the state. Further, you will be required to do continual educational training in order to receive the renewal every two years, so as to ensure you are competent, fully understand any changes that have been made, and are up to date with all rules and regulations that are in place in the state.

Insurance Considerations


For business owners, you do have to purchase personal protection for yourself, and you have to purchase protection from liability claims for personal injury. This covers if your clients are injured on the premises where you run your business. But, as a professional esthetician, you are not required to buy personal Tennessee esthetician insurance in order to practice in the state. Your personal policy is going to protect against malpractice claims; it will protect you in the event of a frivolous claim. And, most insurance policies have a provision in place where the coverage is going to protect your license in the event you are sued for malpractice. So, even if these lawsuits do take place, and you are found to be at fault, you are not going to run the risk of losing your license when the claims are filed against you by a client that was not happy with the work that you did while trying to perform esthetics services.

Since you are bound to make mistakes, and accidents do occur, why not protect yourself, and your livelihood, with the right personal protection insurance? Not only esthetician coverage usually a very affordable policy, you can also purchase varying levels of coverage, based on the protections that you want to protect yourself from in certain cases. So, you can choose the insurer, as well as the amount of coverage that is right for you and the work that you do in this field, so that you do not have to continually worry about lawsuits of potential false claims that may arise.