Rhode Island esthetician insurance
Castle Hill Lighthouse

Esthetician insurance may not be a requirement for individual practitioners; however, it is something that skin care specialist should not live without. If someone were to ask you what jobs or careers would require having malpractice insurance, you would most likely answer by saying a doctor or lawyer.

However, in an era where suing is becoming more and more common for even the smallest of problems, it is important that any person involved in a career that requires the physical service of another has coverage. Given that being an esthetician requires offering advice and providing skin care aid to clients, it is best to make sure that you are covered in the case that the unthinkable occurs. It is far better to have esthetician insurance and never use it than to not have it when you absolutely need it.

While the likelihood of being sued as an esthetician is slim to none, stranger things have happened. Not only does Rhode Island esthetician insurance protect the practitioner, but it also provides peace of mind to potential new clients and costumers. A person is much more likely to choose the esthetician that has full coverage than the office that does not, because they were feel more secure and safe.

Since becoming an esthetician requires a large commitment of both time and money, there is no point a jeopardizing a potentially lucrative and rewarding career by not opting not to purchase insurance. The low monthly cost of esthetician insurance is well worth it when you consider the legal fees and damages that are often awarded in a malpractice case. Although the actual cost of esthetician insurance varies from provider to provider, it is always advisable to have the coverage for your own sanity.



Like every state in the US, a person who wants to become a certified esthetician in Rhode Island must first complete a training program. Although it is not required that an esthetician have attended and graduated from a four-year college, these skin care specialists must have completed a certified course at a cosmetology school. To find a certified esthetician school, interested parties should contact the Rhode Island State Board of Cosmetology for additional information. Rhode Island requires that estheticians have completed a minimum of 600 hours of training. In addition, after the successful completion of the classroom instruction the applicant must take and pass Rhode Island’s written and practice exam for estheticians.