Oregon esthetician insurance
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If beauty is your love and skin care is your passion, then a career as an esthetician is right up your alley. Once you have successfully completed your training and education, an esthetician will most likely find a job at a salon or spa where they will be responsible for making customers feel relaxed, special and pampered.

Job responsibilities of an esthetician can include facials, skin analysis, pore cleansing, removal of blackheads, exfoliation treatments and more. Additionally, if a career in medicine has always appealed to you, you may want to consider taking more advanced training to become a medical esthetician where you could work in a doctor’s office.

In order to obtain this type of license you will have to take classes in subjects like anatomy, pathology of the skin, chemistry, first aid, and physiology. No matter what career track you decide to pursue, it is important that you protect your investment with Oregon esthetician insurance.

Because being an esthetician is a hands-on career that often involves physically touching a person and providing medical advice, it opens you up to being sued if something goes wrong. Not only does having esthetician insurance provide peace of mind for you, but also it will make your practice more appealing to customers. A new customer is much more likely to patron the salon or spa of an esthetician that has insurance because it makes them appear more credible. While the actual cost of esthetician insurance can vary from company to company, the small monthly payment is more than worth it if you get sued for all of your life’s assets.

Oregon Requirements for Estheticians


To be an esthetician in Oregon you will need to have graduated from a school that has been approved by the Oregon Board of Cosmetology. Unlike many other states that require at least 500 hours of classroom education, Oregon only requires 250 hours of training to be eligible for a license. However, just because you successfully graduate does not mean that you are automatically given an esthetician license.

Instead, you will be required to take and pass a written and practical examination that will test you on all aspects of being an esthetician. Although no continuing education courses are required to maintain your license in Oregon, an esthetician must renew their license every two years at a cost of $40. Visit the website for the Oregon State Board of Cosmetology for additional information regarding becoming an esthetician.