Ohio Requirements for Estheticians

Ohio esthetician insurance
Old Mans Creek with Sunrays in Ohio

In Ohio, 600 hours of training is required prior to being able to sit in for your esthetician state license exam. Applicants must be the age of 16 or older, and they must have the equivalent of a 10th grade education in order to be able to receive these 600 hours of training which must be completed.

Once you have your license, you are also going to be required to renew it every two years. Along with the renewal, you are required to complete continued education training in the field in order to ensure you are still competent, and to ensure you know the latest rules and regulations in the field.

For those who are coming in from out of state, reciprocity is accepted, if you pass the minimum requirements and show that you have completed the equivalent in training and schooling that is required in the state of Ohio.

Insurance Matters


For individuals who own a business, you must carry business insurance to protect against such accidents as equipment malfunction or injury which may be caused by a slip and fall on your premises.

You are not required to carry individual insurance as an esthetician, and business owners are not required to cover their employees with any insurance either. For this reason, as an esthetician, one should consider purchasing their own Ohio esthetician insurance coverage in order to ensure they are protected.

Not only will a personal policy cover you if the client is injured where you work, or if equipment malfunctions, it is also going to protect you from any other liability claims, lawsuits, or other issues that may arise during the course of your career in this field. You are working hands-on with clients each day; every once in a while, a mistake is going to be made. Your insurance is going to protect you from these mistakes, and other suits, and will also protect your license, in the event a client does choose to sue you when you do make one of those mistakes that is bound to happen during the course of your hopefully long and glorious career.

With the right policy, not only do you avoid high costs and fees, you also avoid loss of license in the field. You are protected from frivolous, as well as valid claims, and do not have to worry about the high fees that come along with certain lawsuits that may be filed against you while you are working to make others look their best.