North Dakota Requirements for Estheticians

North Dakota esthetician insurance
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Working as an esthetician in North Dakota, you will be required to first complete 600 hours of schooling in order to be able to sit in for the state exam to receive your license. It is also a requirement that you are at least 16 years of age, with a 10th grade or equivalent educational background.

Upon passing your exam, you will also be required to renew your license on an annual basis in order to be able to continue to practice. An additional 8 hours of ongoing education is also required by those who are, or want to be, instructors when they are renewing their license each year.

Insurance Considerations


In terms of insurance, both business owners, as well as instructors, are required to carry a liability insurance policy. This is to cover against accidents at the workplace, accidents or injuries with equipment, and other on-site accidents and injuries that may take place.

You are not required to carry an individual North Dakota esthetician insurance policy in order to work in this field in the state. However, it is advised for you to purchase a personal insurance policy, not only to protect your license, but also to avoid the potential of a costly lawsuit if you are ever sued.

Even professionals who have been in the industry for several years have been sued and have found themselves in a situation where they might lose their licenses. You are going to make mistakes in this field, and you may, someday, provide a poor service, for which a client may want to sue you for emotional distress or other injuries that they sustain when you are taking care of them as a client. For this reason, individual protection via insurance is the best way to shield yourself and your career from lawsuits and not have to pay hefty fines and penalties out of pocket.

In addition to avoiding the high cost of a lawsuit, a great insurance policy is also going to cover you in the event a client ever tries to get your license taken away for poor services. You will find that you are covered by most insurance policies, and that there is a provision in which your license is protected, even if you are sued. So, having personal insurance coverage in this field is a great way to avoid possible loses, lawsuits, and high expenses that come along with these liability claims.