What Estheticians Need to Know in NY

New York esthetician insurance
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In the state of New York, estheticians are required to complete 600 hours of schooling in order for them to work in the field. You are also required to be at a minimum 17 years of age, and must show the equivalent of a high school diploma in order for you to practice (GED or diploma).

If you are coming in from out of state and would like to work in the field, not only do you have to hold a current license from out of state, you must have met the minimum hour requirement of schooling which is required in New York. You are also going to be required to perform continual education courses if you want to work in the state and are coming in from out of state.It is a requirement that you renew your license every two years, and at the present time, there are no continual education training or hours which are required for those who are coming in to simply renew their license.

Business and Individual Insurnace

If you are a business owner, professional liability coverage is currently required to own and to operate a salon in the state. It is not a requirement for you to own personal New York esthetician insurance coverage, however. That said, if you would like to shield yourself from liabilities caused by legal claims, you are going to be required to purchase such coverage when you are practicing.

Individual policies will cover you against false claims. They are going to protect and pay the expenses involved if you are involved in a malpractice claim, or you are found to be at fault for these, or other such claims. Having the right insurance in place means you are going to be covered and will not run the risk of losing your license when you are working in the state.

Due to the fact that you will make mistakes, and because there are many people who are going to file lawsuits in your career against you, it is important that you cover yourself, and that you protect the license you have worked to attain. Not only will your personal protection policies cover you during a lawsuit, they will help you protect your reputation and your career. They are also going to allow you to avoid the out-of-pocket expenses that come along with any lawsuit that may be filed against you while you are working in this specialized field.