New Jersey Esthetician Requirements

New Jersey esthetician insurance
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Applicants who are interested in becoming an esthetician are required to be at a minimum of 17 years of age with a tenth grade equivalent education level. It is also a requirement that you complete the 600 hours of schooling, in order to be able to sit in for the exam.

Upon passing your exam, you are required to renew the license on an annual basis, and you are required to do continual educational training when you go to get your renewal license at the end of each year.

For those who have worked in the field out of state, and would like to work in the state of New Jersey, reciprocity is accepted. It is required that you show you have completed the minimum number of hours in training out of state, and it is required that your license is up to date in order for you to receive the license in state.

Insurance for Estheticians


If you are a business owner, business insurance is required in the state. This will shield you from such cases as personal injury claims, and it will also protect you if a client is injured on your property, burned, or otherwise hurt by the equipment that you use in this field. If you are a private individual, it is not a requirement that you hold a personal liability insurance coverage. But, having a policy is the safest way to protect your license, to protect the time that you have put in, and to protect yourself in the event certain claims are filed against you, and you are found to be at fault for such claims that are filed.

In addition to protection from valid claims, as well as false claims that are made against you, with the right personal New Jersey esthetician insurance policy, you are going to protect yourself from quite a bit of out-of-pocket expenses for the claims that are filed by certain clients. If you are found to be at fault for such claims, your personal liability coverage is giong to cover the costs of the lawsuits, so you do not have to worry about paying for the claims out of pocket.

Having coverage is valuable not only so it can save you financially, it is also the only way to shield yourself if false claims are filed and you have no way to prove that the claim is false and someone is simply trying to hurt you or your career.