Esthetician Requirements in NV

Nevada esthetician insurance
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Nevada is one of the most stringent states, in terms of schooling requirements, when it comes to being an esthetician, or working in this type of profession. Prior to being able to sit in for the state exam, you are required to complete 1800 hours of schooling in order to learn about the laws, rules, and practice in the state. A tenth grade education or equivalent is required, and applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Every odd year, on the 30th of June, licenses have to be renewed to continue practice.

Reciprocity is allowed in the state, but requires applicants to show they are nationally recognized, and they must apply for the state board in Nevada. Further, a $100 fee is required for them to transfer into the state, and an additional exam is required, in order to prove competence in the work and rules in the state.

Insurance Requirements in NV


A business insurance policy is required in the state for those who own salons or other business facilities. This covers accidents, injuries, premises coverage, equipment coverage, and accidents that happen at the work site.

If you are an individual licensed esthetician in the state, it is extremely important to consider purchasing a personal Nevada esthetician insurance policy, although personal coverage is not required in the state. This is one of the most time-demanding states to become a professional esthetician, a state which requires an excessive amount of work to be done prior to getting licensed; so, why run the risk of losing your license because of a lawsuit filed against you? If you are not covered by personal insurance protection, you’re putting your hard-earned career at risk.

Lawsuits will be filed, accidents will occur, and you will make mistakes. It is the nature of the work, and there is nothing that can be done to stop this. But, an individual esthetician insurance policy protects your license, and your career, from being ruined in the instances where you are sued and a client is not willing to settle the claim with you.

Your insurance policy is not only going to pay for lawsuits and expenses, it is also going to protect your license if a client tries to get your license taken away from you. An individual insurance policy is very affordable, and great rates can be found by simply comparing online policies and companies in order to protect you, your license, and the work that you do, as you are working so closely with clients on a daily basis.