Montana esthetician insurance
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In order to sit in for the licensing exam in the state, you are first required to complete 650 hours of schooling. It is also a requirement that you are at least 18 years of age, have your high school diploma, or that you have the equivalent as a GED.If you are working in state, it is a requirement that you renew your license by Dec. 31 every two years in order for it to be up to date. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for any late penalties and may potentially lose your license if the renewal is not completed in a timely fashion.

For those who are currently licensed out of state, reciprocity is one way for you to come in and work in state without having to complete the 650 hours again. As long as you have worked in a state where you completed the same number of hours, carry an up-to-date license, and are in good standing, you can work in the state and get your license through reciprocity.

Esthetician Business and Individual Insurance Considerations


If you are a business owner, you do have to purchase professional liability coverage. This will cover on-site accidents, such as slip and fall cases, situations where a client is injured by faulty equipment, or other similar accidents. All of these incidents are going to be covered by this business policy. It is also an option to add an extended level of coverage for the employees that work for you. In the state, you are not required to purchase a personal Montana esthetician insurance policy in order to work. It is, however, the simple way for you to protect your license, for you to protect yourself if you are ever sued, and to avoid the high costs that come along with certain lawsuits, when you are working in this field, where lawsuits do occur often.

If you are looking for optimal protection, if you do not want to pay out of pocket expenses, and if you want to ensure you never lose your license, simply because of a lawsuit or a false claim, then the option to purchase a personal liability coverage policy is one that you should consider in this field of work. In addition to protecting you and your license, it is also a very affordable policy, especially when you compare the rates, and compare the many different companies that are out there for you to choose from, when deciding on coverage.