Missouri esthetician insurance
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As a beauty professional who specializes in skin care, an esthetician is responsible for providing everything from advice to clinical treatment for common skin care ailments and medical conditions. Although an esthetician is not a licensed medical professional, they will often be asked to provide a professional diagnosis of a skin-care-related issue.In addition, an esthetician will most often work in a spa or salon where they will perform a plethora of beauty techniques that range from facials to exfoliation treatments to body wraps to much more. Before you decide to make the costly and time-sensitive decision to return to school to become an esthetician, it is important to learn what qualities make a great esthetician.

Not only should you be excellent in customer service and in being around people, but also you must enjoy working with your hands and have the ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable while in your presence. Because skin care is an industry that is not expected to disappear, the job outlook for an aspiring esthetician remains markedly positive. Recent graduates of an esthetician school most often find employment in resorts, spas, hospitals or salons; however, many are having to find apprentices with a qualified esthetician to gain experience before finding a full-time position.

Why Insurance Matters


When it comes to thinking of professions that are most likely to be sued by an angry or dissatisfied client, an esthetician is most likely the last career that comes to mind. However, many estheticians are opting to purchase Missouri esthetician insurance to cover their hard work and investment. Because it is difficult to predict when a former client may sue, it is always recommended that an esthetician have liability insurance that will cover both their business and personal assets. In addition to the peace of mind that having insurance will provide the esthetician, it will also encourage more clients to join your practice.


Missouri Requirements for Estheticians


Becoming an esthetician in Missouri requires returning to an approved cosmetology school for either 750 hours of classroom training or 1500 hours at an apprenticeship. Once the schooling has been completed, the aspiring esthetician will be required to take and pass a written and practical exam. Once passed, the person will receive a license to practice as an esthetician in Missouri. Although the cost of an esthetician program varies from school to school, it appears that the cost can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.