Minnesota esthetician insurance
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As an esthetician in Minnesota, you offer a variety of services, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facial masks, eyebrow tintings, skin analysis and more, to help your clients achieve supple and healthy skin. This job can be very rewarding, but it involves some specific risks, including lawsuit risk from disgruntled clients.While you strive to provide the best service possible, mishaps can happen, and this is why it is vital you consider purchasing a good esthetician liability insurance to protect yourself when an accident occurs. Equally important is ensuring that you have a current Minnesota esthetician license, as it is illegal to practice esthetics without a license in The North Star State.

Minnesota Esthetician License Requirements


In order to acquire a license in esthetics in the state of Minnesota, individuals must attend an accredited school and complete at least 600 hours of training. After the training, candidates must pass a licensing exam administered by the state’s Board of Cosmetology. The state of Minnesota does not accept apprenticeship in place of those training hours, but may offer licensure through reciprocity. By applying to the Board for reciprocity, licensed estheticians from other states can practice in MN.


Minnesota Insurance Requirements for Estheticians


The second step in becoming a professional esthetician in Minnesota is getting insurance. Although this is not a legal obligation, you should protect yourself from potential losses that can result from unforeseen events and accidents that could happen in the course of your career by purchasing liability insurance. Of course, you may choose not to buy insurance; but you’ll be taking a very big risk. The practice of esthetics involves some degree of risk. You can be sued over a cosmetic treatment gone wrong. Without liability insurance, you could end up with a judgment award against you and be responsible for the injured party’s court fees, medical expenses and even missed wages, and you will also be forced to cater for your legal fees out of your own pocket – which can run into thousands of dollars. This will not only ruin you financially, but it will also damage your career.


Why You Need an Individual Esthetician Insurance Policy


Esthetician liability insurance provides protection in the event a client or third party files a claim for damages due to an injury or financial loss arising out of your work. Because you are very good at what you do and you care about your clients, it can be hard to think that you could cause an injury to one of your clients. But you must realize: accidents do happen and you can be sued for a completely unexpected scenario. Minnesota esthetician insurance protects you against the unexpected. The policy pays the injured party’s court fees, medical expenses, lost income, and any monetary compensation awarded to the victim. It also caters for your defense.