Maryland esthetician insurance
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When considering a career as an esthetician in Maryland, it is important to know what the minimal requirements are, and how long it will take before you can actually practice in the field. First off, you must complete 600 hours of schooling prior to being able to sit in for the exam. In addition to this, at least 12 months working as a registered apprentice is required in order for you to get additional on the job training.An education of 9th grade or equivalent is required, and applicants who want to go to school must be at least 17 years of age to attend. Passing the state exam is required prior to receiving your license.Renewal of your license must be done every two years, which requires you to fill out paperwork and to pay the appropriate fees for the license renewal. In terms of reciprocity, only estheticians who have worked in a state where the requirements are equivalent to those in Maryland will be considered for a license, without having to complete additional schooling.Business liability insurance is required in the state, as well. Premises coverage, coverage against injuries on the work site, or faulty equipment, will all be covered under this business policy. Additionally, business owners can cover their estheticians to a certain extent with their business policy. For those who want full coverage, a personal Maryland esthetician insurance policy is something that you should consider purchasing. It is going to cover claims which are filed against you personally, and not against the salon or the employer that you work for. If you are sued for malpractice, if you make a mistake and a client is not happy, or if you personally injure a client you are working with, your personal liability coverage will protect you in these cases.

In addition to covering these things, your personal liability coverage is also going to protect your license, so you do not have to worry about losing it in the event you are sued, and the client wins. You are fully protected, and you can find varying levels of coverage, based on the price you can afford on an annual basis. This policy is affordable as it is an annual rate, as opposed to a monthly payment made, and it is the only way that you can protect your license, and protect your career, if claims are filed against you by a client.