Kentucky esthetician insurance
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Estheticians in Kentucky are responsible for enhancing the quality and tone of clients’ skin and appearance through provision of services, such as facials, skin analysis, makeup artistry, waxing, eyebrow shaping, body polishes and wraps, and more. The services you, the professional esthetician, provide are priceless, yet there are risks involved. To minimize any risks to you and your professional practice, you need to invest in a good individual Kentucky esthetician insurance policy. It is also important to ensure that you are currently licensed to practice esthetics in the state.


Kentucky Esthetician License Requirements


To be licensed as an esthetician in Kentucky, individuals must attend an accredited school and complete a minimum of 1000 hours of training. After finishing the training, candidates must pass the Kentucky written and practical board exams in order to receive the license. The state’s Board of Cosmetology may accept apprenticeship in place of those training hours. The state of KY does not provide licensure through reciprocity, and estheticians who wish to practice in the state may be required to take the Kentucky exams.


Kentucky Insurance Requirements for Estheticians


Estheticians in Kentucky, especially those who work in medical settings, are considered to be healthcare providers. In fact, some esthetics procedures may constitute “the practice of medicine.” As such, malpractice is an important insurance to carry. Besides, employers, salons, and other facilities often require that their estheticians have individual liability insurance policies in order to rent a booth or work at their premises. Without insurance, it would be hard to grow your professional practice in Kentucky. Simply put: you must buy an individual esthetician insurance policy.


Importance of Individual Liability Insurance for Estheticians in Kentucky


The practice of esthetics can be an exciting and rewarding profession. However, it’s not always about glamour. You face many risks every day. Administering skin care treatments and procedures while in close contact with clients, as well as having to handle potentially harmful products and tools in a hectic environment leaves you highly vulnerable to a lawsuit.

There are many situations that could lead to a client sustaining an injury. For example, you may apply a chemical peel to a client who has had a lot of sun exposure, causing painful and unsightly skin burns. The client will most likely sue you. The same case applies if, for example, you apply hair removal wax that is too hot, causing burns on the client’s skin, or if a client develops an allergic reaction to a topical product. The client could sue you for emotional distress, bodily harm, and loss of income because he/she could not return to work. Liability insurance for individual esthetics professionals in Kentucky protects you if such claims are made.