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An esthetician is a beauty industry professional who is licensed to perform certain cosmetology procedures, such as facials, massages, application of creams and waxes, as well as other non-surgical means to improve the appearance of the face. For example, the esthetician can perform facial massages to relax the facial muscles. He or she can also perform a soothing facial to reduce irritation and inflammation of the client’s skin. Estheticians may also recommend skin care products based upon a careful study of the client’s skin condition.

Requirements for Practice in Iowa

Estheticians who want to practice in Iowa need to obtain a license issued by the Iowa State Board of Cosmetology allowing them to practice in the state. In order to qualify for the state licensing exam, applicants must have 600 hours of training, composed of 150 hours of core life sciences, 115 hours of theory, and 335 hours of applied practical instruction from registered and licensed schools. To obtain a license, the applicant must pay the application fee and pass the exam.

Iowa reviews estheticians from other states on an individual basis if they want to obtain a license to practice in Iowa. For license renewal, estheticians need to have eight hours of continuing education, with four hours spent for the prescribed practice discipline for license renewal, before they can renew their license after two years.

Why You Need Individual Iowa Esthetician Insurance

Anything can occur during the course of performing a routine cosmetology procedure that could put you at risk for lawsuits. A facial that resulted in redness and itching, a massage that resulted in bruising, a chemical peel that resulted in excessive skin irritation or infection, or giving the wrong advice on creams and lotions which led to side effects, can put the esthetician at risk for negligence claims.

Protect your business and your clients by getting individual insurance. With individual insurance coverage, you can be sure that you have money to pay when clients ask for reimbursement for medical expenses. Your policy may even help you with legal expenses if you are facing legal action from a client who was injured or suffered unintended side effects after a cosmetology procedure. There are clients who will not think twice about trying to have your license revoked when they see that there is enough cause to do so. One small mistake can cost you your Iowa esthetician’s license, so be diligent in performing your procedures and obtain individual esthetician insurance to keep yourself covered.