Idaho esthetician insurance
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As a cosmetologist in Idaho, carrying liability insurance is essential for covering risk taken when administering treatments on your clients’ skin. The practice of esthetics is inherently intimate, and therefore risky. You have to perform treatments on clients’ skin using products and tools that could cause harm or injury. Anything could happen during the course of treatments, be it due to negligence, a mistake, or simple human error.Whether the risk is bodily injury or property damage as a result of unforeseen circumstances, malpractice, or negligence on your part, Idaho esthetician insurance exists to protect you from lawsuits filed against you by clients or third parties. In Idaho, liability insurance for estheticians is not only important, but it is also required in most workplaces, in addition to basic training and a license.

Idaho Esthetician License Requirements


In order to obtain a license in esthetics in the state of Idaho, individuals must complete a minimum of 600 hours of training or 1200 hours of apprenticeship. After finishing the training, individuals must pass a licensing exam administered by the state’s Board of Cosmetology, after which they will receive Idaho esthetics license.

The state of Idaho doesn’t provide licensure through reciprocity. Estheticians who wish to practice in Idaho and gain licensure through endorsement must provide proof of having had an active license in their home states for three of the last five years, meet all Idaho training requirements, and show that they’ve taken an esthetics practical and written exam.

Idaho Insurance Requirements for Estheticians


Unexpected events can ruin, and have actually ruined, successful careers, which is why you should consider buying insurance that is specifically designed for estheticians. Remember you cannot control all circumstances or predict the actions of every one of your customers. A treatment could go wrong or a mishap may occur, for example, leading to a claim for bodily injury against you and your practice.

As an esthetician in Idaho, you are only one small accident away from financial hardship and monetary loss that might be brought by a costly lawsuit. Esthetician insurance protects you against claims for bodily injury or property damage, regardless of whether the claims are legitimate or frivolous. The policy will pay the full cost of your legal defense and cover the expense of any damages awarded against you, up to the specified limits of your policy.