Georgia esthetician insurance
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The beauty industry is one industry where malpractice suits can easily arise. Negligence in the use of certain products that may irritate the skin, or the performance of procedures that eventually results to injuries, are grounds for legal claims that can put a professional esthetician’s license in jeopardy. Even simple procedures like massages or facials can become the basis for valid legal claims when performed improperly or when the wrong products were used, leading to harm or injury to the client.


Why You Need an Individual Esthetician Liability Coverage


It is easy for dissatisfied clients to file legal claims against an esthetician when unexpected and harmful consequences arise from routine cosmetology procedures. Even if negligence is truly involved, an individual insurance policy will help cover your legal bills, as well any medical and other fees that you may be required to pay.

Estheticians who do not have insurance often have to grapple with the high cost of legal fees and other penalties that may be handed out to them. Without insurance, it is likely that you will lose your savings if you decide to fight the case in court. You also face the prospect of loss of income as you leave your practice to deal with the claims against you.

With insurance, you get financial coverage that will protect your practice financially from these legal claims, eliminating the risk of losing money and your practice when a dissatisfied customer decides to take you to court. Even if the claims are found to be baseless, insurance will also help cover expenses incurred while you are out of a job due to fighting these claims, keeping you afloat financially while the legal proceedings are going on.

Licensing Requirements for Estheticians in Georgia


In order for an esthetician to be licensed in Georgia, he or she must complete 525 hours of classroom and practical training, as well as 1050 hours of apprenticeship in an actual establishment, such as a spa or a clinic. Credits in important subjects such as anatomy and physiology are also important requirements for applicants who wish to take the Georgia state examination for cosmetologists and estheticians.

In order to become a licensed esthetician, a person must be at least 16 years old and must take and pass the state licensing examination for technicians. Licenses must be renewed every two years, with applicants following strict guidelines for renewal as set up by the state cosmetology board.