Arizona esthetician insurance
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In order to work as an esthetician in Arizona, one must complete 600 hours of schooling, and must have, at a minimum, a tenth grade education or equivalent. In the state, once you receive your license, it is valid for one year from the date of your birthday and must be renewed annually on your birthday. There is a renewal form and a fee that must be paid annually in order to renew your license.In terms of Arizona esthetician insurance policies, a business owner in the state (owning a salon or spa), must have professional liability insurance. This is going to cover against injuries in the workplace, injuries which are caused by malfunctioning equipment or a slip and fall accident.However, there are no additional requirements in terms of having an individual esthetician liability insurance policy. But, working in this field, it is smart practice to hold a personal liability insurance policy.For starters, your employer’s policy is only going to cover so much, if anything at all, for you personally; if you injure a client with a heating device or certain chemicals, this is a personal liability claim, and you are not going to be covered. This can result in loss of license, fines, and penalties, as well as other costs. Additionally, even if your employer has a liability policy in place, it might only cover the owners, not individual employees; so, having a personal liability coverage policy is a simple way to protect yourself from lawsuits.

It’s possible that a client may file a false claim, and if you are not covered, you are paying out of pocket for these lawsuits, whether or not you are found to be at fault. Your liability coverage is also going to protect your license, which is your livelihood in the state. No matter how great you are, or how long you have worked in the field, mistakes are going to occur, so it is best to protect yourself, and purchase the right personal liability insurance coverage. Even though it is not required, you will find that having coverage is an easy way to avoid high costs, including those that may come your way due to the lawsuits that may be filed against you during your career. In addition to offering great coverage, you can find an extremely affordable personal liability policy by simply comparing quotes online and comparing the different types of esthetician coverage that is available to you in the state.