Alaska esthetician insurance
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As an esthetician in Alaska, you provide a wide variety of personal beauty services to your clients, including procedures like peels, masks, facial massage, make up, spa treatments, exfoliation treatments and more. While these procedures help keep your clients’ skin supple and healthy, there are some risks that are involved in administering these treatments.Carrying out procedures, such as facials, chemical peels, waxing, exfoliation, cosmetic makeup, and other procedures, involves getting up close and personal with clients and making use of potentially risky tools and harmful chemicals. As a result, you run a constant risk of accident or injury to your clients, which could in turn lead to a legal claim against you. That’s why it’s extremely important to invest in a good Alaska esthetician insurance policy. But before you buy insurance you need to ensure that you have a license, as well.

Alaska License Requirements for Estheticians


Becoming a successful esthetician in Alaska will require specialized training at an accredited cosmetology school. The state of Alaska requires individuals to undergo a minimum of 350 hours of training or apprenticeship in order to obtain an esthetician license. After finishing the training, individuals must pass a licensing exam administered by the state’s Board of Cosmetology. Once they pass this exam, they will receive their Alaska esthetician license shortly thereafter.

Alaska Insurance Requirements for Estheticians


The state of Alaska does not have any specific insurance requirements for individual estheticians, but it is highly recommended that you buy liability insurance in order to protect yourself against potential lawsuits and bankruptcy. Whether you work independently from home or in a salon or spa, carrying an individual esthetician insurance policy is essential. Esthetician liability insurance protects you while you grow your career against various risks of the job, such as accidents and human error – which could cause property damage or bodily injury to a client. This is particularly important if work as a medical esthetician in the state.

Why Buy Esthetician Insurance


If you are an esthetician in Alaska, professional liability insurance, including medical malpractice, is an important insurance to carry. While it’s not mandatory to carry liability insurance in order to be licensed in Alaska, some clients and many places of business, including salons in which you might want to rent a booth, require that you provide proof of liability insurance.

Even if it’s not a legal requirement, it would be wise to protect yourself. If a client suffers an adverse reaction to a skin care product, you could find yourself liable for their medical expenses, lost wages, and even loss of future earnings; what happens if a client sustains a serious injury to the skin during exfoliation? Even though you always strive to do your best to help your customers and would never intentionally do the wrong thing, if your work causes an injury or aggravates a pre-existing condition, then you could be on the hook for a legal claim. Even a minor occurrence could cost you plenty. That’s why you cannot afford to ignore esthetician insurance.