Alabama esthetician insurance
Birmingham Alabama

Professional estheticians in the state of Alabama must recognize the need to have an insurance policy that can cover them in the event that any type of legal claims are brought against them. The need to procure Alabama esthetician insurance is absolutely necessary in light of the particularly litigious society we’re living in today; unfortunately, there are many opportunists out there that are looking for a way to sue someone, and many times, individuals are among the first to end up in the crosshairs.It is not uncommon for an individual to be sued by a disgruntled client, even when there is no substantial evidence that any damage or injury took place. Sadly, for most estheticians, it only takes one lawsuit like this to cause significant financial damage, sometimes even to the point of causing bankruptcy.

Requirements for Alabama Estheticians


According to the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, the requirements to become a licensed esthetician in the state of Alabama are as follows:

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age
  • Candidates must complete 1,500 hours (3,000 hours for apprentices) of training in a licensed cosmetology school
  • Candidates must complete a written and practical exam

Once these criteria have been met, you can then enter into business as a licensed esthetician. It is important to note that the services that an esthetician provides are inherently risky where the potential for injury is concerned. Procedures such as tweezing, waxing, and steaming all carry a degree of risk that is above average, and the potential for something to go wrong is sufficient enough to warrant the appropriate insurance coverage.

Although most professional estheticians are highly skilled and well-intentioned, the chance of an accident occurring is always present, and this fact is simply too important to ignore. For this reason, obtaining the appropriate esthetician insurance is an absolutely necessary decision.As a rule, esthetician insurance is usually designed to offer protection in two primary categories: Professional liability (also known as “malpractice insurance”) and general liability (also referred to as “slip and fall” insurance). Professional liability coverage protects you against legal actions arising from clients who have allegedly suffered injury or damages due to some type of misapplication of skill or other errors. General liability refers to accidents or injuries that may have occurred at the place where business is conducted, such as a rented suite or in a client’s house. Examples of general liabilities include an injury from a malfunctioning salon chair, or a client sustaining an injury from tripping over a rippled floor mat. Product liability coverage of some kind is the third, and certainly very useful, other major form of insurance for estheticians.

The important thing to remember is that your business is your livelihood, and if you don’t take the appropriate measures to protect your business from adverse legal action, you could jeopardize your own financial well-being and long-term career prospects in your chosen field. The small investment required to obtain the proper professional insurance coverage will go a long way towards protecting your business from potentially catastrophic risk.