Florida esthetician insurance
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No matter whether an esthetician is practicing in Alaska or Florida, having malpractice insurance is not a requirement. Unlike being a medical doctor or an invasive skin care specialist, being an esthetician is not considered a job or career choice that is likely to result in being sued.However, being an esthetician is likely to open up a person to being sued more than most people realize. Given that an esthetician will be performing facials, head massages, and other forms of therapeutic skin care, it becomes a little bit easier to see why these hands-on procedures could result in a patient being hurt.

People often make the common mistake of believing that they can only be sued if they directly harm another individual. However, this is simply not the case. For example, take the situation of a client walking to the front door of your office only to slip, fall, and break their hand after tripping over a rug. While this may seem to be an innocent injury, it could result in the esthetician being sued if a court determines that they failed to make the entrance safe for customers to walk through.

As a result, having Florida esthetician insurance is becoming more and important. Not only will it provide the esthetician more peace of mind, but also it will lend more credibility to the salon, spa, hospital or private practice, because patients will feel more safe and secure. Without esthetician insurance, you run the risk of having your hard work, time, and money spent on becoming licensed laid to waste.

Florida Requirements for Estheticians


Becoming a certified esthetician in Florida is not the easiest process because it requires hours of training, classroom education, and hands-on experience. However, for a dedicated individual, it can be a rewarding career because the position is expected to grow in the coming years.

Becoming an esthetician in Florida is much easier than in other states because you are only required to complete 260 hours of classroom education and training. Many states require at least 500 hours of education.

Once the education component has been completed, Florida requires that an esthetician pass a written and practical exam to be granted their license. The cost of this formal esthetician education can vary from school to school; however, applicants should expect to spend between $1000 and $2000 on training costs. Given the tourism industry in Florida, being an esthetician in the state has many benefits.