Wisconsin liability insurance
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Working as a cosmetologist in Wisconsin can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Beauty treatments is one of those recession-proof commodities that people love, so can always find work. But you do need to consider how to protect yourself and your professional practice if something goes wrong.

Though you might not have realized it, cosmetology involves risk. There are real risks that are involved in the process of giving beauty treatments. To minimize these risks, it is essential that you invest in a good Wisconsin cosmetology insurance policy.

Wisconsin Cosmetology License Requirements


To obtain a license in cosmetology in the state of Wisconsin, individuals must complete at least 1800 hours of training in an accredited program or 4000 hours apprenticeship. Those who wish to become licensed estheticians and nail technicians must complete at least 450 hours and 300 hours of training, respectively. After finishing training, aspiring cosmetologists must pass a licensing exam administered by the state’s Board of Cosmetology. The state of WI may accept full-time work experience in lieu of those training hours. Licensed cosmetologists in other states who wish to practice in Wisconsin may apply for license transfer (reciprocity) with the board if they have completed the requisite 4000 hours of work experience.

Like in other states, cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technologists in Wisconsin are not required to have liability insurance. But since it is so cheap and has so many advantages, buying coverage is always recommended.

Why Invest in Insurance Coverage


The main reason Wisconsin cosmetologist insurance is so crucial is because you really never know when an accident might happen that could result in a claim against you from one of your customers or a third party who somehow suffers harm or financial loss in association with your practice. You can think of cosmetology insurance as your much-needed safety net, always there to catch you in the unlikely event that something happens to your and your practice. Whether you’re a student, an employee of a local beauty shop or spa or you work as an independent contractor, cosmetology insurance is essential.


Insurance Is a Must-Have


Even though the state of Wisconsin doesn’t require liability insurance for you to work as a cosmetologist, it is still a wise idea to protect yourself. This is because you cannot always control circumstances or predict the actions of every one of your customers. Liability insurance for cosmetologists safeguards against both known and unknown risks. It can protect you and your income, savings, assets, reputation, and your ability to continue practicing hands-on beauty therapies from claims involving property damage or bodily injury by clients or third parties. The cosmetology insurance will shield you from the huge expense that is associated with costs of litigation, court costs, court settlement awards, and judgments.