Washington liability insurance
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Washington cosmetology insurance is a package of policies that can include professional liability, product liability, and general liability insurance. It is designed to protect you and your cosmetology practice from liability claims or allegations for damages by clients or third parties. Even though you might think you don’t need insurance, there are serious risks involved with giving beauty treatments; and cosmetology insurance is specifically designed to cover those risks. Whether you’re a cosmetology student, an independent contractor, an employee of a local salon, or you travel to people’s homes, buying liability insurance coverage is essential.

Washington Cosmetology License Requirements


In order to obtain a license in cosmetology in the state of Washington, individuals must complete at least 1600 hours of training in an accredited program or a minimum of 2000 hours apprenticeship. Those who wish to become estheticians and nail technicians have to complete a minimum of 600 hours of training or 800 hours of apprenticeship.

After finishing the requisite training, candidates have to pass a licensing exam issued by the state’s Board of Cosmetology. The Board may accept work experience in lieu of those training hours. The WA state Board of Cosmetology also allows individuals who have already taken a practical and written exam in their home states to transfer their licenses to Washington.

While liability is not required for you to practice cosmetology in Washington, it is highly recommended that, as an independent contractor/self-employed professional, you have your own liability insurance. Since salon owners who booth rent don’t provide insurance for independent contractors, you could be risking your income, professional reputation, and career by not having insurance. If you’re employed, then you need to know that your employer’s insurance policy covers you only while you’re working within their jurisdiction. So you should consider purchasing individual professional liability insurance coverage.

Cosmetology Insurance for Individual Cosmetologists Covers the Unexpected


As a cosmetologist in the state of Washington, you provide a variety of beauty services, which might include makeup, hair, nails, and skin care. Aside from giving beauty treatments, you may offer your clients beauty advice and consultations. Your clients trust your skills, training, and judgment when they pay for your services. But if they feel you made a mistake or your service was not up to their expectations, then they could file a lawsuit for money damages against you.

Because you really can never know when an accident or mistake might happen that could result in a lawsuit against you from one of your clients or a third party, it is wise to acquire cosmetology insurance that will offer protection against various risks that are involved in your profession. Washington cosmetologist insurance protects you and your practice from the unexpected by covering the attorney fees, court costs, and any punitive damages against you.