Utah liability insurance
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Cosmetologists have to do quite a bit in order to earn their licenses to work in Utah. As a potential cosmetologist, you have to attend a licensed school and complete a minimum of 1600 training hours, or 2500 hours of apprenticeship, in order to qualify for a license. Additionally, you will need to pass the Utah State Board Exam.Upon securing a license, you will then get to work with your clients on a regular basis, in relatively close contact. Even though your primary skill is to provide creative advice and aesthetic support, getting cosmetology insurance is very important to protect yourself if something goes wrong. Every cosmetologist strives to ensure that their clients are happy with their work, but sometimes accidents happen and clients may get injured in the process. In such cases, if you don’t have cosmetology insurance and the client sues you, you’re going to have to pay a lot of money when the judge decides the case in the client’s favor.

Protect your finances


If you’re curious as to why you need to get cosmetology liability insurance, one of the reasons is your financial well-being. When it comes to legal claims of injury and damage, they can be quite expensive to settle and if you don’t have liability insurance, then the possible claims will have to be paid with own money. On the other hand, when you have the safety net of an insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about this at all. Everything will be paid by the insurance company while you’ll make sure the same mistake won’t happen again.


Emotional distress


Hairdressers may dye several people a day and this means that they expose themselves to a lot of risks. For instance, you may be tired after having a long and hard day at work and forget about the fact that your client has gotten a lot of sun exposure lately and apply a chemical peel. As a result, the client is injured and she sues you for loss of wages, bodily injury, and emotional distress. In this case, having a professional liability insurance protects you, and, again, the insurance company is the one that’s going to pay for the damages done.


Great coverage


No matter the type of insurance you’ll purchase, you’re going to get the most value at the best price no matter if you’re a part-time worker, a student or a professional cosmetologist working in the wellness, fitness, beauty, or health industry. On top of that, depending on the insurance company and policy you consider, you may be covered for up to a few million dollars, giving you the peace of mind you require to continue doing your job as best as you can. As for the price, it’s usually affordable, so no one has to worry about breaking the bank when purchasing a cosmetology insurance policy.