Texas liability insurance
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Cosmetologists in Texas provide a wide range of services, such as styling and treating the hair, manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, and more, to help their clients spruce up their appearance. Texas requires cosmetologists to complete 1500 hours, pass the state’s exams, and renew licenses every two years to work as a licensed professional in the state.Even though cosmetic services help improve the lives of their clients, cosmetologists are often faced with some specific risks that could potentially cause ruin for their practice and careers. As a cosmetologist, it’s important to manage the risks that are involved in cosmetology profession and buy proper liability insurance in order to achieve success and career goals.

Maintain Your Peace of Mind with the Right Insurance


Providing beauty treatments often involves coming into close contact with clients, and there is a real risk that is involved in this profession. You may easily think the risk involved in beauty therapy is low, but there are a number of situations that can and do arise, that you must protect yourself – and your cosmetology career – against them. For example, if you are dying a client’s hair, but you leave the treatment on for a bit too long, you might cause damage to the hair itself or scalp burns. If the client decides to sue you for the damages and emotional distress that she has suffered, then you would have to bear the financial burden of the entire lawsuit, including possible settlement costs. This could ruin your finances and you may even be forced to sell off your assets in order to settle the claim. Don’t take chances! Buy an insurance policy today that is specific to the cosmetologist.


What Does Cosmetology Insurance Cover?


Personal liability insurance for cosmetologists generally covers professional liability, product liability, and general liability. Professional liability, or malpractice, insurance protects you against legal costs and claims by clients/third parties arising from breaches, acts, or omissions of your professional duty as a cosmetologist in the course of your work. Product liability insurance protects you against claims of bodily injury or property damage that might arise from the products you use or sell. General liability insurance protects you in case a client trips and falls and is injured as a result of your negligence while receiving beauty treatments at your place.

When buying cosmetology insurance, be sure to check the extent of coverage being offered by various plans. Some insurance providers may limit their coverage to only certain risks such as professional liability or product liability. Make sure you choose a plan that offers the broadest coverage possible. This will ensure that you will have your back covered in almost any type of legal action that might be brought against you.