Tennessee liability insurance
Knoxville Tennessee

A cosmetologist is a beauty specialist who is trained, knowledgeable and skilled in treating the skin, hair, and nails. In Tennessee, you must complete 1500 hours and pass the state’s required exams to receive your license. Once licensed, you have to renew every two years and complete 16 hours of continuing education credits between renewals.

Many different beauty services may fall within the skill set of a cosmetologist. These services may include everything from soothing facials and waxing to chemical peels and pedicures. This professional may also consult with clients and offer suggestion regarding the best colors and application of cosmetics, flattering hair styles, and skincare options. Like any other profession that involves providing advice and services, it is important for cosmetologists to carry professional liability insurance in order to protect themselves against claims of professional misconduct or malpractice.

Do I Really Need Insurance?


As a cosmetologist in Tennessee, you work so closely and physically with each of your clients, which can be a recipe for a lawsuit. So you are wondering: How? It’s not hard to decipher the potential risks of cosmetology work. There are risks in almost all the services that you provide. Beauty services, such as facials, waxing, and more, bring you up close and personal with your customers, and, therefore, there is a real risk involved with this type of work – risk you cannot afford to ignore.

Having to work in close contact with customers means you can easily cause bodily harm to a client in the event of a mishap or accident. When you add in the fact that cosmetologists usually utilize potentially dangerous tools and equipment, as well as harmful chemicals, the risk of causing bodily injury or property damage, leading to a lawsuit, seems to go up considerably. A mishap can occur at any time on any day. No matter how well you’re trained, you can never predict, nor fully prevent, an accident.

For example, a client may book an appointment with you for a brow wax, but your wax somehow turns out too hot, ending up burning that customer during the session. Without insurance, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit and having to pay for your legal defenses and damages out of your own pocket. This could leave you financially ruined and even destroy your career. If you haven’t secured an appropriate insurance plan, then you’re taking on a very big risk.

Importance of Cosmetology Insurance


Cosmetology insurance serves as a financial safety net for professional cosmetologists. A good cosmetologist policy will provide monetary coverage in the event of legal claims of bodily injury or property damage associated with your work as a cosmetologist. It can help you manage your risk and protect your income, property, career, and reputation. Remember the risks associated with providing beauty services are real, and only with the right cosmetology insurance plan can you lessen and manage those risks.