South Dakota professional liability insurance
Sylvan Lake, Black Hills national forest, South Dakota, USA

A total of 2100 hours must be completed prior to receiving your cosmetology license in South Dakota; in addition to this, you must pass the licensing exam upon completing your hours. In the state, like most others, you are not required to purchase a personal cosmetology insurance policy in order to be able to practice. But, having liability insurance is truly the only way to shield yourself from certain liabilities. Working in this field, you deal with clients on a daily basis, using chemicals, harsh dyes, equipment which can burn them, along with other dangerous chemicals. Wouldn’t you rather be insured?Although your employer may have a business license and insurance policy in place, this will only shield you from so much, if anything. If the client falls on the premises, if they are hurt by faulty equipment, or if other injuries ensue, which are not related to the work you do, you may or may not be protected, as the client can sue you, the place of business, or both. But, if your client is hurt or burnt when you are taking care of them specifically, or if you cause some kind of damage to their hair, burn it, or cause other accidents or injuries, this can result in other major liabilities, and this will most likely mean you, the professional cosmetologist, will get sued. However, some clients will go after both employer and employee. No matter what the scenario, you need coverage.

Cosmetology insurance will protect you from such claims. If you injure a client, if you perform a haircut or dye job they are not happy with, or if you do any other services which they aren’t happy with, you are going to be protected with your policy. And, you do not have to worry about losing your license, or paying the heavy fines and penalties that come along with certain lawsuits; you will be protected, and your insurance provider is going to cover the costs of any potential suits against you.

Since there are several mistakes you can make, and since you are dealing with clients that might not always be happy with the work you do, it is best to be protected, even though it is not a requirement in the state where you live. In addition to protecting your license, a personal insurance policy can save you enormously in the event of a liability charge. It doesn’t make sense to risk your career when you can get insured for way less than the cost of the average lawsuit.