Pennsylvania professional liability insurance
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As a cosmetologist in PA, you must first complete the 1250 minimum course hours prior to being able to sit in for the licensing exam. In order to receive an instructor license, an additional 500 hours would be required. If you plan on opening your own salon, you will be required to hold professional business and general insurance to protect against basic accidents on the premises. But, a personal cosmetology insurance policy is not required if you are working for an employer. All that is required in order for you to practice is to have passed the state exam and hold your license in order to work in a salon.

If you want to shield yourself against issues that could arise from treatments such as highlights, hair dyes and chemicals, burn accidents, haircuts and styles, and other liabilities which a client might sue you for, then a personal insurance policy should be purchased. Yes, you will have to pay a fee for the policy, but it is a very low expense, especially compared to lawsuit fees, and is only paid once annually to your insurer. With the right policy in place, you are not only going to protect yourself from potential claims, you are also going to shield yourself against the accidents you may encounter over the years, as well as the mistakes you might make while working in a profession where you deal with people face-to-face on a daily basis.

Insurance is also going to be able to protect your license. In many cases, a client might try to sue you and get your license banned. Depending on the type of accident or injury, your mistake can also end up costing your employer money if you are not shielded against the liability that you have faced during a lawsuit. When you have the right insurance in place, you do not have to worry about these issues occurring.

An insurance policy doesn’t have to be very expensive; in fact, by comparing policies online, you can find great deals with many insurance providers. So, if you are interested in protecting yourself, why not do so with a personal liability coverage policy? Not only will the right insurance protect you from liabilities and lawsuits, it will also protect your license. And, it can also help to shield an employer in the event the accident is caused on their premises while you are working with a specific client that may suffer an injury.