Ohio liability insurance
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Anyone running a business in the service industry needs insurance. Services offered in this industry put the providers at risk for litigation when their customers and clients suffer injuries due to accidents, whether these occurred due to negligence or pure chance. If you are in the cosmetology business, you need insurance to protect you financially from situations like these. Fortunately, there are individual policies tailored for professionals in the cosmetology industry that can give you the coverage you need. You’ve done the work of 1500 hours, passing the state’s exams, and keeping your license renewed to work in Ohio as a cosmetologist. Now is the time to insure that effort.

Liability Insurance for Cosmetologists


This type of insurance is an individual insurance policy that a cosmetologist or anyone in the cosmetology business takes out to protect himself or herself from the dangers of frivolous lawsuits. Commonly known as malpractice insurance, this type of policy is also taken out to cover legal action stemming from professional mistakes and failure to provide services in the way that clients were expecting from them. Any incident that results to harm or damage to property can be the basis of a lawsuit, including:
–rashes and other forms of skin irritation after the application of creams and lotions –side effects of teas served to clients –burns due to defective tanning beds or negligent staff –unusual bruising after improperly applied massage techniques–slips and falls resulting to bruising or bone injuries–etc.

If a client comes to court claiming negligence that caused injury or harm, the mere accusation can damage reputations and long-term business aspirations, as well. Insurance can help pay for medical expenses, protecting you from the dangers of digging into your savings. Even if the policy is deemed not enough to cover the amount claimed, the insurance company can step in and assist the policy holder when s/he is sued. Many insurance companies offer legal assistance to policy holders and may extend additional coverage to pay for defense fees.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance


Anyone engaged in the service industry as a professional needs professional liability insurance. Cosmetologists who are renting space for operations need their own insurance since they are working as individual contractors. Individual cosmetologists employed by an employer or company need to secure their own insurance, as well. To get the best rates, cosmetologists can get their insurance from national associations that offer wider coverage and lower rates.

If you are a professional in the cosmetology industry in Ohio, you need to get coverage now. Cosmetology insurance may be a requirement in most Ohio spas and wellness centers for employees, but if you are working as an independent contractor, you are equally at risk for claims and lawsuits. It is best to obtain professional liability insurance and have the coverage you need to stay afloat financially, even when you are faced with lawsuits arising from your cosmetology practice.