North Carolina liability insurance
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As a cosmetologist in North Carolina, you’ve completed 1500 hours, passed board and licensing exams, and are renewing your license every three years. You are working with several individuals on a daily basis; as this is a hands-on position, you are working closely with their hair, nails, face, and other body parts, and you have to have personal protection. Sure, a business insurance policy will protect you from injuries on the work site or at a salon, but the personal North Carolina cosmetology insurance policy is one that will protect you professionally.


Secure your career


A personal liability coverage will protect you from liability claims. If you injure a client with a curling iron, if they are distraught after a haircut they are not happy with, or if you otherwise perform services they are not happy with, you are covered. You are personally covered from such claims as personal injury or emotional distress, and your license is also going to be protected with these insurance policies, as well.


Premises injuries


If your employer has a liability policy coverage, they are protected; but, if you injure a client with equipment, if they get hurt when you are working with them, or if they are otherwise hurt in a salon you work at, you can also purchase insurance to protect from these injuries. So, even if you are only partially covered via an employer, you will be fully covered with a personal protection policy that you purchase to protect yourself when working closely with clients.


Distress or false claims


Many clients will file suit for emotional distress; if you make a major accident when cutting or styling their hair, this could be the end of your career. There are also clients who are trying to make money off of you, and they do not care if they ruin your career. Your liability insurance will shield you from these claims. They will help pay for lawsuits whether the claims are frivolous or valid.

Mistakes are going to be made, even the best cosmetologists who have been in business for years can make mistakes. Why not protect your license and your livelihood with cosmetology insurance? Not only does this allow you to cover yourself from the valid claims, but also against any invalid claim where it is found that an individual is simply trying to make money or  hinder your success by filing a lawsuit against you for the work you do for them.