New Mexico liability insurance
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With over 600,000 cosmetologists licensed all over America, it’s good to know how you can help distinguish yourself from the competition and to know the best ways to protect your license so you can stay in business where others may fail. New Mexico requires you to have 1600 hours and complete their state’s cosmetology board exams and licensing exam in order to practice in the state. Insurance is a way to protect all of that hard work.The truth is, you may just be the very best cosmetologist in your region, but without a good head on your shoulders (so you realize how important cosmetologist liability insurance really is), it is hard to place the fundamental pieces where they need to be for a successful career, as well as for your long-term professional reputation.

Why Should I Carry New Mexico Cosmetology Insurance?


The main reason to get insured is because insurance is crucial for those “what just happened” moments. Those kind of moments catch us by surprise, and we are usually never prepared for them. DON’T make that mistake when it comes to your career. If you work as a professional cosmetologist, you are going to need to cover your assets – whether the spa or salon you work for carries separate insurance or not.

If you have ever wondered to yourself why you need insurance, think of it as a safety net for what you do. Day in and day out, you work with several different clients, for several different reasons. This is your career. You probably spend more time at work than you do at home. Just how many hours a day does that leave for disaster to strike? The answer is TOO many – enough to want to be insured.

Different Types of Insurance


There are three main types of insurance that most companies will provide for cosmetologists. The first is liability insurance. This insurance was designed to handle situations where a client (or anyone else) slips and falls and gets hurt. It also works for any other type of accident that may occur on the property where you are employed.

The second type of cosmetology insurance was created to insure you personally if you accidentally were to burn someone with a blow dryer, a curling iron, or even chemicals. If someone were to file a malpractice claim against you, this insurance would make sure that you don’t ruin your name before you get one.

The third type is product liability, in the event that a chemical or a dye you use causes an allergic reaction, for example. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning, but they don’t have to cost you your license. Get insured.

If you have been considering taking your career to the next level – you are going to need to make sure you are covered under all circumstances BEFORE an accident were to happen. Keep this in mind as you consider which would be more expensive, and which would be easier to recover from and start again: An accident WITH cosmetology insurance, or without?