New Jersey liability insurance
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To work as a cosmetologist in NJ, you must complete 1200 hours schooling from a licensed school. Of this, 1000 hours must be in vocational school. Not only will this work to prepare you for the type of work you will do, it is also going to allow you to get the hands-on practice that you are going to need when you finally do become licensed and get the required documentation to work as a cosmetologist in the state.


If you own a salon, an insurance policy is needed for general liability to protect the salon in the event of lawsuits. But, an individual insurance policy is not required for licensed cosmetologists. With this being said, purchasing a personal liability coverage policy is smart practice. A business policy at your place of employment is only going to protect the salon and the owners, not you as an employee. And, even though you will be protected if equipment malfunctions, or if a client slips and falls in the salon, you are not covered if the client is harmed by you. For issues such as a bad haircut, or potentially burning a client with the hair dyes and chemicals you use, you would be liable for the damage and injuries that they sustain.

So, having the right insurance in place is just smart practice as a cosmetologist. Not only will your personal insurance policy shield you against the lawsuits, it will also cover the expenses that you would have to pay if you were to injure a client, or did something else wrong. You are bound to make mistakes; some are greater than others. And, for the major mistakes or injuries you cause, you need to have the right personal insurance policy in place to shield yourself from the liabilities that you are facing.

Not only do you want to safeguard the license you have, so you can continue to work, you also want a personal insurance policy, you also want to protect your finances and your reputation. Your personal insurance policy is going to cover costs and expenses that come along with the lawsuits. Even if it is a frivolous claim that is filed by a disgruntled customer, you are going to be protected when you have the right insurance policy in place and have the personal protection insurance to cover you against whatever unfortunate situations may come.