Nevada liability insurance
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In the field of cosmetology, you are working closely with clients on a daily basis, providing a range of cosmetic services, such as hair cuts, hair dying, hairstyling, waxing, and more. In Nevada, you must complete 1800 hours and pass three cosmetology state board exams in order to get your license and begin your career as a professional cosmetologist.Since you are so close and personal to clients and are using equipment that has the potential to injure them, as well as chemicals which can be dangerous, you have to protect yourself in the field. With an insurance policy for cosmetologists, you are going to shield yourself from liabilities that come along with working in this profession.

Why you need insurance


Accidents take place. Sure, you do everything you can to avoid them, but they still happen. If you are working on one too many clients at once, you might forget about one client that is dying their hair, and this can result in a chemical burn. You might forget to remove a hot oil hair treatment, which causes your client to get burned. Or, the equipment you are working with in the salon may malfunction, which could injure the client you are working with. These are only a few of the accidents and mistakes that can take place on an average day working in this field.

Sure, your employer may provide some protection if equipment malfunctions and or if other problems on the premises occur (such as a slip and fall). But what if the business doesn’t cover you? What if it does, but only partially? What if you work as an independent contractor and aren’t covered at all? What about the mistakes that you make personally? And what if the client sues both you personally, along with your employer? If a client chooses to sue you, the individual, for the awful haircut, or chooses to sue you for a burn they received while being taken care of by you, this can result in a major dilemma for you, your reputation, and your finances. Emotional distress claims are often filed if a haircut truly isn’t what the client was hoping for when they visited you for your professional services and expertise as a cosmetologist. In all of these cases, you need a liability policy that protects you, the individual cosmetologist.

There are so many things you can’t protect, nor shield yourself against. But, having the personal insurance liability coverage in place is a simple way to safeguard your career and the professional license that you hold. You do not want to run the risk of being sued while not having the right insurance in place. Not only could it result in heavy fines and lawsuit charges, it can also result in loss of your well-earned license. With the right liability coverage in place, not only is your license protected, but you are also going to be shielded from a the burden of facing a lawsuit that could result in the end of your career.