Nebraska liability insurance
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After completing 2100 hours and passing all of the state board and licensing exams, you’ll be licensed to work as a professional cosmetologist in Nebraska. You’ll have to renew your license every two years in December to stay current in the state.As a cosmetology professional, you’ll work with several clients on a daily basis. If you do not have the right personal Nebraska cosmetology insurance coverage in place, this can result in major expenses for you.

If you do freelance work, you might be called by a client to work at his or her home. If you cause some kind of damage in the client’s home, or to your employer’s property, having a personal liability coverage policy in place is going to protect you. It may cover you against property damage claims or misuse of equipment when you are on the job, whether you accidentally injure a client or cause damage to their property.Injuries may ensue on a daily basis working as a cosmetologist, as well. If you burn a client with a hairdryer or commercial-grade equipment, this can cause major injuries to a client. Or, if you leave a hair dye or other chemical in their hair for too long, it can result in their hair falling out, or possibly worse, if some kind of reaction occurs with that dye or chemical product. And, what if you are cutting their hair and the scissors slip? Even as a professional of many years, you are not bulletproof, and you can make mistakes. With the right liability insurance in place, you are not only going to protect yourself from a major lawsuit, you are also going to protect yourself financially against the claims that may take place during your career as a cosmetologist.

Having cosmetologist coverage will also protect you against false claims. If a client is simply trying to make a quick buck and files a false claim, an insurance policy will protect you against these individuals, as well, and will protect your license, so you can continue to work in the field that you love. Many different issues may arise, and having a comprehensive insurance policy for cosmetologists in place is your best bet. In most cases, if you make a mistake, if you cause an injury, or if equipment malfunctions while you are using it, the liability is going to fall on you, and not on the business that employs you or the space that you rent from. For these instances, and for any other issues that may arise while working in this field, it is just smart practice to purchase a personal liability insurance policy and give yourself the best foundation for growing your client base and for maintaining your long-term financial well-being.