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Cosmetologists provide a wide variety of beauty treatments, including pedicures and applications of artificial nails, cosmetics, hair styling, and coloring and highlighting of hair. Everything you’ve learned in school, along with all of your professional experience pays off while you go about making your clients look their very best. While there are many benefits to the services you provide for both you and your client, you do encounter a certain number of risks when giving beauty treatments to your clients.


While you may generate a good income and have a wealth of clients you enjoy working with and working on, as a cosmetologist, you’ll also find that you run a certain set of risks. A common risk is bodily injury that may occur in the course of your work, especially because you work so closely to your client and his or her skin. Since you rely on hazardous chemicals, electrical tools and equipment to provide beauty treatments, you are faced with a real risk of accidental bodily injury.

Whether you work in a salon, operate from home, or travel to your clients, there are risks when dealing with the treatments you provide. Beauty treatments include dyes, chemicals, and hot equipment at times, which means there’s a chance for injury. No matter how well trained and careful you may be, there’s always room for human error. Accidents may result from the beauty treatment procedures, chemical products, or tools used.

Professional cosmetologists need to consult with an insurance company that understands the specific needs facing someone in the cosmetology industry. While most spas and salons have their own business insurance policies in place, you can still be sued personally, and you must therefore have your own insurance coverage in place.

Having a great cosmetology insurance policy is the best way to practice good business sense and protect yourself and your financial future from various claims that may be filed against you by clients or third parties alleging that your services caused bodily harm or property damage. A good insurance policy will help you take care of legal fees, judgments, and other fees you may incur while being away from work and engaged in a lawsuit. Be sure you understand exactly what your insurance covers, so you can have real peace of mind and solid protection against potentially devastating liability exposures. By investing in insurance, you’ll be making a smart move for you, your career, and your clients.