mississippi professional liability insurance
Mississippi State Capitol

There is a reason that you need a cosmetology insurance policy. Like any other business professional, you want to shield yourself from liability, not only the false claims that may occur where individuals are simply trying to take advantage of you, but the viable claims, where you have made a mistake and need to protect yourself from that liability. Having a personal Mississippi cosmetology insurance policy in place is the best way to protect yourself, and having it is smart business practice, as well.

Mississippi requires that you complete 1500 hours or at least nine months, pass the state board and licensing exams, and renew your license every two years to practice cosmetology in the state as a licensed professional. You do the work to get your license, and you do your very best work  and get insurance to keep it.

On a daily basis, you will come up close and personal with clients. You are using equipment that is hot and that can injure them. You are using harsh chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction. And, you are human; this means you are going to make a mistake every now and then. With a personal insurance policy in place, you are going to protect yourself against certain claims and the out-of-pocket expenses that would come along with the claims that are filed against you in this field of work.

You never know when an accident can occur. Equipment may malfunction, or you might overuse a chemical dye, causing an adverse reaction to a client. Or, you might simply slip up when cutting or styling their hair. So, what happens when the client sues you (not your employer)? Without insurance, you might be looking at a pretty big settlement figure. But, a personal liability coverage policy will protect you against these mistakes. You are human, but you can shield yourself from the consequences of making a mistake. Cosmetology coverage provides you with that shield.

Malpractice can also be covered by these policies. In some cases, you might be sued for an imperfect job that you did on a client. Emotional distress is a claim many make. Whether it is false or not, if you have a liability lawsuit pending, you don’t want to take chances on losing your license, your money, or your reputation over it. Get the personal coverage you need so you can go to bed each night without worrying about the “what ifs.”

Although you like to think you are the best at your job, you can’t foresee the accidents or malfunctions that could happen, or the mistakes you are bound to make. Even if you have been a professional for several years, you can make a mistake. Covering yourself and having an individual cosmetology insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself, your license, and your long-term financial well-being.