Michigan liability insurance
Bond Falls , Paulding Michigan USA

As a professional working cosmetologist, you interact closely and personally with your clients. In Michigan, you must complete 1500 hours or two years of apprenticeship, as well as pass the state board and licensing exams in order to get your license.Even though you provide aesthetic support or creative skills to your clients, having cosmetology insurance is very important. You always strive to make your clients feel and look their best. Successfully doing so can be rewarding to both you and your clients, which may result in repeat clients and referrals from your satisfied clients — but not always.


The main reason why personal cosmetology insurance is vital is because you never know when an accident might occur, resulting in legal claims filed against you by your clients. You might be the best cosmetologist, but accidents happen. If you do not have individual insurance, you may find yourself digging deeper into your pockets to pay claims when faced with legal charges by clients.

For instance, you may be dying a customer’s hair and leave the treatment longer than expected, maybe because you noted the wrong time when you started the clock, resulting to hair damage and scalp burns. If the customer sues for emotional distress, negligence, or bodily injuries from the burns suffered, your personal insurance will protect you against such claims.

As a cosmetologist, you may also perform facials on your clients. You may send a client home with a moisturizer and it ends up giving them a skin rash. Since this product was given by you, the cosmetologist, the client may make a claim for the damages caused to their skin, blaming you for contributing to an injury. An insurance policy for the individual cosmetologist protects you against such third party claims for bodily injuries and medical costs incurred as a result.

Sometimes a client may have had a lot of exposure to the sun and since you were not aware, you may apply a chemical peel to their skin and cause them to experience pain and ugly skin burns. The client then sues you. Individual insurance comes in handy when such a claim is made.

A customer may also request for home services if they are unable to get to the hair salon. While there, maybe your equipment starts a small fire due to malfunctioning, or it falls and spoils the client’s sensitive wooden floors. The customer sues for damages to her home and mental distress caused. If you have a professional cosmetologists’ policy, your insurance will protect you.

An individual policy also protects you against general liability claims, such as physical accidents like falls and slips. For example, if there is some spilled hair gel near the washing station, and your customer slips on it and ends up breaking her arm or hitting her head, you may find yourself facing a legal claim to pay for the injuries sustained by your client. In this scenario, cosmetology insurance is likely to be called upon to cover your legal expenses. If you are a cosmetologist and you do not have an individual insurance policy, the fundamental pieces of your career are not in place. The benefits of such a policy cannot be underestimated.