Massachusetts liability insurance

As a cosmetologist in Massachusetts, you’ll have completed 1000 hours and passed the state practical and written exams before becoming licensed. Once you begin working, you will be dealing with a variety of customers each day. And, although you might have some coverage through the company that employs you, having a personal Massachusetts cosmetology insurance policy in place is smart practice, as well. You never know what issues may arise during the course of the day. And, since your employer’s business protection may not extend to you, if it’s available to cover you at all, it is in your best interest to have a personal policy in place so that you know you are fully protected in the event of a customer filing a lawsuit.


First off, your license will be protected. In certain lawsuits, clients may try to have your license revoked; with the right protection in place, you will be shielded from liability and won’t have to worry about this being an issue. Another reason to be covered is that your business coverage (from an employer), will only cover so much. Of course, if you work as an independent contractor, which most cosmetologists do, then you won’t be covered at all. In the event there is a major injury on your watch, you need a cosmetologist policy in place to safeguard you and your finances against the draining costs of a lawsuit.

In a worst-case scenario, say you accidentally contributed to a disastrous hair cut or makeover. If the customer comes back and tries to sue you for a major mistake that you made or for emotional distress of some kind, you will need insurance coverage to protect you. These lawsuits can be extremely costly if you do not have the right insurance policy in  and can potentially put you out of business. With a cosmetology policy secured, not only are you covered, but you also provide an extra sense of security for your clients, who will know you take your career and their comfort seriously.

Mistakes happen, equipment breaks down, and there are some other accidents or mishaps that can happen that you simply can’t predict or control. Having a personal insurance policy in place as a cosmetologist is just smart practice and will instill that extra confidence in your clients, too. Not only that, but when you compare rates with several insurers, you can find a good policy for a low monthly cost. So, take the time to compare a few policies, check the personal coverage options, and protect yourself, rather than run the risk of a personal lawsuit, which could put you permanently out of practice in your hard-earned career.