Kansas professional liability insurance
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Having a current Kansas cosmetology insurance policy is a good idea for any cosmetologist. Not only will this shield you from claims and different types of problems that can occur, it will also help you make payments in the event you are found liable to the client that you have injured. While some employers may carry their own insurance, it may not cover you. Having a personal cosmetologist policy is the only way to assure yourself you’re covered. Such policies will cover the expenses, fees, and other costs which are associated with a claim, should you be found at fault for a client’s injury while that he or she is in your care.

Your personal policy will cover you against liability claims. If you make a major mistake when styling or cutting hair, clients might file for emotional distress or damage claims, due to the way they look after you have worked on them. Or, if you injure a client with hair dyes, other chemicals you use, or even faulty equipment, these types of claims can really end up costing you quite a bit to settle them. But, with a personal insurance policy, you are going to shield yourself from these liabilities, as well as the cost that comes along with them.

Loss of license is another major problem if you are dealing with different types of claims in this field. Having an insurance policy in place will help shield you from certain liabilities and prevent you from losing the license you worked so hard to achieve. To earn your license in Kansas, you have completed 1500 hours and passed the state board and licensing exams. You’ve also stayed up to date by renewing your license every two years, so it’s in your interest to protect it, though it may seem unlikely to you that you’ll have to someday. Even if an incident occurs because of equipment malfunction or other problems with the salon you are working at, you may still be liable to the client for the problems that have occurred if that client pursues legal action. Your cosmetologist policy will protect you, though the salon may still be found at fault.

It is highly likely issues will occur even if you are experienced and have worked in the field for many years. There are possibilities you are going to make mistakes and are going to do something a client doesn’t like. Since you can’t protect yourself from the claims being filed, you might as well protect yourself from liability if they are filed. The best way to do this is to buy in to the personal insurance liability claims, so you know you are at least covered financially for such claim types.