Georgia Cosmetology State Requirements
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As a cosmetologist in Georgia, you’ve completed the 1500 hours or 3000 hours of apprenticeship you need to obtain your license, along with passing the state’s board and licensing exams. Now that you’re licensed, you need to know that there are a number of benefits to owning a personal insurance for cosmetologists policy. Sure, you may be generally covered under an umbrella policy at the spa or salon that employs you, but purchasing an individual policy will also benefit you in many ways. First, you won’t run in to personal claims and liability if a patron claims more damage than what your employer covers. If a treatment goes wrong, or if a client claims some form of emotional distress because of this, you will be covered with your personal policy through your own insurer.


General liability is also going to be covered via the policy that you purchase. If you burn a client, or injure them with other equipment you use during a session, this will also be covered through the policy. Working in this field, you are working with scissors, dye materials, paint, and hot equipment, which can possibly cause injuries to clients, having a personal liability coverage is a way to protect yourself from having to pay high expenses if equipment malfunctions.

Property damage may also ensue if you are working in a private salon or spa. If equipment malfunctions, it is possible a small fire may start, or fumes or smoke damage might ensue. If you aren’t covered, you are likely going to pay out-of-pocket to repair the damage and to compensate the clients that have been injured, or if the property has been injured. When you have the right private insurance for cosmetologists policy in place, this is not something that you are going to have to worry about while working in this field.

It might not be as dangerous as other types of work, but it is still possible that injuries occur, that you do something wrong when cutting hair or dying hair, or that damage ensues because of the equipment used in the salon you own or work at. If you own a spa or salon, it is without a doubt smart to have liability coverage. But, even if you work for a spa or salon that provides minimal coverage and indemnity, buying your own policy is a smart choice to make. Insurance will protect you from general liability, personal injury, and from property damage, all of which may occur at a spa or salon that you are working at or off-site locations. Since you work in close proximity to patrons, it only makes good sense to get coverage.