Delaware Cosmetology State Requirements
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Cosmetology professionals that operate a business in the state of Delaware must be aware of the necessity of having professional liability insurance in order to protect themselves from the threat of lawsuits. In today’s litigious society, it is not uncommon for a small business owner to be sued by a client even when there is no substantial basis for the client’s claims. In order to protect your business from potentially adverse financial situations, it is imperative that you obtain adequate cosmetology insurance coverage. This will ensure that you can continue to operate your business even in the event of a legal claim being brought against you by a former client.The field of cosmetology is comprised of several different professions including hairdressers, nail technicians, estheticians, make-up artists, and barbers. After 1500 hours or 3000 apprenticeship hours and passing the state’s required board and licensing exams, you’ll be able to begin your career in the field.

Each aspect of cosmetology includes specific job-related risks, and although cosmetologists have received special training to conduct their jobs in a safe manner, the risk of having an accident always exists to some degree. For example, a hairdresser might accidentally leave a dying solution in a client’s hair too long during a hair coloring treatment, resulting in damage to the client’s scalp and hair. For an esthetician, there are risks related to various products that are typically used in his/her line of work. A client may experience an allergic reaction to a chemical skin peel, or another client may experience excessive skin damage from a bikini wax. Nail technicians face the risk of a client experiencing some type of infection from a nail treatment. No matter what particular line of work you may engage in as a professional cosmetologist, the risks of various job-related accidents are very real, and without any type of insurance in place to hedge against those risks, you could face a potentially catastrophic situation should something go wrong.your career in the field.

Although it is possible to enjoy a long career as a cosmetologist without any major incidents or accidents, the risks are simply too great to ignore or leave to chance. It is better to make a wise choice and obtain the appropriate insurance for your profession, so that you can alleviate the worry and stress that can come from these types of uncertainties.

Cosmetology insurance is generally designed to offer protection in two main categories: professional liability (also called “malpractice insurance”) and general liability (also called “slip and fall” insurance). Professional liability coverage protects you against lawsuits arising from clients who claim to have suffered injury due to an error or some type of negligence on your part. General liability deals with injuries or accidents that may have occurred at the place where you conduct your business, whether on-site in a rented space or in a client’s home. Examples of this could include an injury arising from a defective barber chair, or a client possibly slipping and falling due to a wrongly placed floor mat.