Connecticut Cosmetology State Requirements
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Cosmetologists in Connecticut provide a range of beauty services to men and women, including hair styling, coloring and cutting hair, manicures, pedicures, beauty services, and more. In CT, you’ll need to complete 1500 hours and pass the cosmetology board exams and licensing exam to obtain your license.

While working as a cosmetologist in Connecticut can provide a decent income and a wonderful amount of career satisfaction, it is a career that has its own set of risks, just like any other profession that involves such close contact with clients. The fact that you rely on potentially dangerous electrical tools and equipment, as well as chemical products, does not help matters either, as it means you have an increased risk of causing accidents or damage. In order to minimize any risks to you and your professional practice, you need to take advantage of cosmetology insurance.

Even though there are clearly many benefits for clients receiving beauty services, there are also many risks in practicing cosmetology. A client may slip and fall inside your premises and become injured, or receive an injury while getting off your waxing table, for example; and you could find yourself liable for their medical bills and lost wages. Someone may develop an adverse reaction to a beauty product or treatment; or your beauty products or equipment may cause bodily injury. What happens if any of these eventualities occur?While you always do your best to make all of your clients look and feel their very best and would never intentionally do the wrong thing, if your operations or work causes an injury to a client, property damage, or aggravates a pre-existing condition, you could find yourself facing an expensive legal claim. Even a minor occurrence may cost you dearly.

If you work as a cosmetologist in Connecticut and don’t have liability insurance, then you’re assuming a big risk. Just one lawsuit could devastate your finances, ruin your reputation, and put your career on the line. But, if you carry adequate insurance and are sued, your insurance carrier would cover legal fees, as well as any damages awarded against you and costs. Without insurance, you may have a large civil judgment placed against you as an individual and be responsible for the injured client’s or third-parties’ medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees.Having a cosmetology policy protects you and your career against events that can’t be prevented. It provides liability protection for claims made against you by others for bodily injury, malpractice, property damage, and more, and typically includes general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and products liability insurance. Whether you are an independent contractor, an employee of a local cosmetology establishment or national chain, or you travel to client’s homes, cosmetologist insurance is an essential investment that you can’t afford to ignore.