Every day, millions of people enjoy the benefits of cosmetology services. Quality cosmetology services, be it hairstyling or manicuring, makes a person look and feel their personal best. In Colorado, you will need 60 credit hours or 1800 clock hours to get your license to become a cosmetology professional; you must also pass the state board exams and the licensing exam.
Colorado Cosmetology State Requirements
Mount Sneffels Range, Colorado
Cosmetology involves the kind of personal contact that most other businesses don’t encounter in their daily operations. For that reason, cosmetologists must take extra care in their operations. Whether you run your own cosmetology business or work for a beautician, national chain or a posh spa facility, liability insurance is important for all cosmetologists.

Importance of Getting Insurance


Cosmetologist insurance in protects you and your cosmetology business against lawsuits arising from malpractice claims and other claims. The cosmetology insurance policy pays for legal fees and any judgment against you for damages up to the policy’s face amount, or insured amount.

Like in many other states, it’s not mandatory for a cosmetologist to have liability insurance. But it is always wise to buy adequate coverage, given the many benefits that come with this type of insurance coverage and the low prices typically offered by most insurers.

Insurance Covers the Unexpected


While there are many benefits to the cosmetology services you provide, you also face some risks when working as a cosmetologist in Colorado, such as claims of professional misconduct (malpractice) or claims arising from accidental injury, because of the customers’ overall health and the regular, intimate contact involved. Claims of inadequate work or negligent actions are not uncommon.

Beyond that, one of your clients may trip and fall in your premises and sustain an injury. Or one of your celebrity clients’ hair may fall out after applying a new treatment product and he or she may sue you for the emotional distress caused by this embarrassing occurrence or for losing a big movie role, for example.

Even the best cosmetologist can’t predict whether or not these eventualities may occur. Having an insurance policy for cosmetology provides the much-needed liability protection against legal claims made against you and your business by clients or third-parties for malpractice, slip and fall, property damage, and so on.

Cosmetologist insurance typically comes as a package of policies that can include general liability, professional liability, product liability, and rental premises liability insurances. General liability, or trip and fall insurance, protects your cosmetology business and reputation in the event of a lawsuit arising from an accident, where a customer trips and falls, sustaining an injury that leads to a claim for damages.

Professional liability insurance protects your practice against malpractice claims or claims made against the service you provide. Product insurance provides your business with adequate coverage against potential liabilities in the event beauty products, such as hairstyling products, hair treatments, skin products and other beauty products, used during beauty therapy procedures cause an adverse effect or bodily injury to a client. Premises liability insurance covers any claims arising from property damage or bodily injury in a rental space.