The Requirements

Arkansas Cosmetology State Requirements
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  • 1500 hours and successful completion of the state’s cosmetology board exams
  • Renewal every two (odd-numbered) years by the individual practitioner’s birthday
  • Reciprocity available

The Risks


Cosmetology involves working with skin, hair and nails, and includes tasks such as hair styling, shampooing, coloring, cutting, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, and more. Like any other profession that requires the service provider to come in close contact with clients, cosmetology involves a certain amount of risk.

Cosmetologists in Arkansas deal with different types of clients in various states of physical well-being, both physically and emotionally. With cosmetology being a high-contact modality, the customer’s health and the physicality involved can make a recipe for a lawsuit.

In addition to the potential risk of injuring or aggravating a client’s health condition via a professional mistake, a client may trip and fall in your premises and you’re at risk of being sued if a client becomes injured as a result. Beyond that, many beauty products have the potential to cause a customer an allergic reaction.

These potential eventualities are usually outside the cosmetologist’s direct control and may lead to a costly legal claim. Cosmetology insurance coverage provides peace of mind and crucial support for the cosmetologists, whether it’s a hairstylist, colorist, beautician, manicurist, or makeup artist.

Without an appropriate insurance policy, a legal claim can cost a cosmetologist a good reputation, thousands of dollars in legal costs, and may ultimately put a professional cosmetologist out of business. Here are some specific features of a typical cosmetology insurance policy in Arkansas.

General Liability Insurance Coverage


General liability insurance protects you against financial loss in the event you are sued because of injuries, property damage, or other harm or injury that occurs where you work. General insurance is also known as slip (or trip) and fall insurance coverage, which protects you against legal claims if a client tripped or slipped and fell in your workplace.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage


Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, protects cosmetologists whose clients could claim damages because of the cosmetologist’s flawed performance or mistake, negligence, or an error in judgment, or some omission by them. It ensures that there will be funds available to pay for legal costs and damages incurred, should any of your clients make a claim.

Rental Premises Liability Insurance Coverage

Rental premises liability insurance covers any place that you rent or lease for your cosmetology practice. This type of coverage applies when damage occurs to the premises due to negligence on your part to the rental space. Be sure to clarify with your insurance provider exactly what is covered, and what isn’t, with this type of insurance.