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NACAMS knows your are a true leader of health and wellness. That's why we created this free e-book with the following articles to help you get more clients now for your health, wellness, or beauty practice.

What you'll find in this ebook:

  • 4 Online Tools You Need to Use Now
  • Market Your Business on Facebook
  • Is Groupon Right for You?
  • And Much More!

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What’s in the e-book?

Massage school is teaching you how to massage with skill and compassion, but the curriculum probably doesn’t include the latest business techniques.

No matter what specialty you choose, many people await your skilled touch—and those potential clients need to know who you are, where you are, and what you offer. That’s why you need to have inside strategies for promoting and maintaining a successful massage practice.

What you'll find in this ebook:

  • Insurance Claims Are Where the $$ Is
  • Millennials Are the Next Target Market
  • Yes, You Can Be a Salesperson
  • And More!

Build a Successful Business E-Book

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Build a Successful Business E-Book
Tips for Success out of Massage School
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