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Wellness Professional & General Liability Insurance Options

NACAMS (National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines) has long been known as a leading voice in fitness, wellness, and beauty, and we have supported professionals as a national association for years. Our liability insurance has been specifically tailored based on our intimate experience exclusively within this industry and is uniquely suited for supporting each of our members in their career journeys. Professional liability insurance is truly just the beginning with our solidly-built plans. Members also enjoy general liability coverage and even an identity protection plan all under one overarching policy. With great benefits, streamlined service, and a huge support network, your NACAMS liability insurance policy becomes a powerful tool in your career’s success. 

Every NACAMS Professional Liability Insurance Policy Includes: 

Instant Coverage

You will receive instant proof of insurance

General/Professional Coverage

$2 Million per occurrence/$3 Million annual aggregate

Identity Protection Plan

Coverage for costs related to identity theft or fraud.

As an Added Bonus, Receive the Following at No Extra Charge:

Free Professional Website

Want to get the word out about your practice? We've got you covered. Every person who joins NACAM's receives a free customizable website.

Exclusive Member Discounts

Additionally, you'll receive exclusive association benefits, like discounted rates on business supplies, wellness products, and CEUs.

Online Coverage

Take your specialty to the web, and you will still be covered under our policies! We cover you online for live streaming & pre-recorded video.

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Professional Liability Insurance by NACAMS

NACAMS (National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines) is a national association that serves health, wellness, and beauty professionals by providing practice support, marketing materials, state licensing and insurance requirements, and access to liability insurance for the following disciplines: Cosmetologists, Personal Trainers, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Dance Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Movement Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Reiki Professionals, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Reflexologists and more.

We Keep Members Happy

Our mission goes beyond providing affordable & dependable insurance coverage—we aim to support wellness professionals at every point in your career by offering personal, ongoing support.


I have been insured with NACAMS for 4 years now. They make it so simple to get insured. The renewal process only takes minutes. They also send me a friendly reminder beforehand, and that keeps me from having lapse in my insurance. Very affordable!!!!


I have been using Nacams for a few years now and have never had any issues. When I needed to change something about my insurance, or renew, I can do it in just a few minutes. I can also rely on the fact that anyone answering the phone will be helpful and nice.


It’s easy to use, easy to add locations on and overall great customer service. Plenty of options for plans and payments. I would highly suggest!

NACAMS Insurance Cost

Instant access to your insurance certificate, hundreds of dollars in exclusive member benefits, and additional coverages at no additional cost.


Best for Student Trainers


First Year

Protect yourself in school & after. Buy a policy just before graduation for a full year of discounted coverage.

One Year Pro

Most Popular


Per Year

Take advantage of everything we have to offer starting at just $14.92/month paid annually.

Two Year Pro

Save $78


Per 2 Years

Lock in a rate of $139 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.

Pay Over Time with PayPal Credit

We partner with PayPal Credit to offer you more flexibility in your budget. With the PayPal credit finance option, you can pay for your policy monthly since PayPal credit takes the whole cost of your policy and a small service fee, then breaks it up over your selected duration.

No interest will be charged on the policy purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Pay monthly, or any additional amount of your choosing, until you've paid off the balance. Subject to credit approval. Learn More.

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Member Benefits

Not only do we provide health, wellness, and beauty insurance at an affordable rate, we also offer great perks and benefits, above and beyond what other insurance providers in the industry provide.

Professional liability State Requirements for Cosmetologists

Mobile Coverage

With a NACAMS policy, you are covered no matter where you practice within the United States. Are you a traveling massage therapist? Mobile yoga teacher? We've got you covered.

Occurrence Form Coverage

We offer the industry's preferred choice of coverage, which ensures you aren't liable for claims that occur while your policy is active, no matter when the claim is made. 


500+ Services Covered

NACAMS offers customers instant access to dual practitioner liability insurance. This means if you are a yoga teacher & personal trainer, we've got you covered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • about Nacams

What is covered under liability insurance?

Liability insurance specifically covers different forms of liability, which can take the form of things like slip and fall accidents or a client being injured during a session. With NACAMS, liability coverage included general liability, professional liability, and product liability coverage. This insurance coverage also extends to hundreds of different modalities—all at once, all under the same policy. So you’re covered if you’re a cosmetologist and a client gets burned by hot wax or you're a massage therapist and your client says they were stretched too far and tore a muscle. No matter what, our coverage is designed for ultimate protection, 24/7.

Why do you need liability insurance?

Liability insurance for health, wellness, and beauty professionals is an important protection for the best coverage possible, as well as peace of mind. Liabilities are risks. You have liabilities all around you as a yoga teacherpersonal traineresthetician, and other professionals in similar fields. From clients slipping and getting injured to a bad allergic reaction, liabilities come in many forms in these industries. Rather than roll the dice with your career, you can get affordable, all-inclusive liability insurance from NACAMS in just a few clicks and practice what you love with absolute confidence.


What are 2 types of liability insurance?

The three main types of liability insurance include general liability, professional liability, and product liability:

  • General Liability: Applies to accidents like slip and falls which is why it's also called slip and fall insurance. Covers a wide variety of different accidents, injuries, or property damage in or around your place of business.

  • Professional Liability: Often called errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance. This coverage applies to accidents, injuries, and property damage that result from the actual services you provide.

NACAMS knows just how important these two liability insurance forms are which is why we include a $3 million annual aggregate and a $2 million per occurrence limit for general and professional liability.

How much does insurance from NACAMS cost? 

NACAMS offers fantastic rates for insurance plans that are the perfect fit for any budget. With multiple policy lengths, the cost of your liability insurance will vary based on what you need. Though you receive the same coverage for each plan, the cost of liability insurance will depend on your status and the length of your policy. 

The different plans NACAMS offers for liability insurance are:

  • Student: For the first year, student trainers can receive liability insurance for just $60. This allows you to be covered while you are still learning and perfecting your craft. You get the same great coverage as other plans, just at a student rate.
  • One year Pro: Our most popular option is one year of coverage for $179. You can pay in installments supported by PayPal Credit or in a lump sum, whichever is most convenient.
  • Two year Pro: Instantly save $24 by getting coverage for two years for $329. 

Do I need liability insurance if I am just a student? 

Even while you are still a student learning your craft, you still need liability insurance to keep yourself protected. Accidents can certainly still happen while you are a student in training and you could be held liable for an unfortunate circumstance. For example, say you are studying massage therapy and your client has a reaction to the oils you are using. You would need massage therapist insurance to help protect you from the out-of-pocket expense of a claim against you. 

Whether you need yoga liability insurance or personal training insurance, NACAMS has you covered for comprehensive insurance while you are a student. Get insured in a matter of minutes and protect your future career in beauty, health, and wellness.

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